Paris Hilton…

Since when does celebrity triumph over ethics? How is it that Isaiah Washington will get slaughtered for saying homophobic statements but Ms. Paris Hilton can drop n-words left and right without being challenged? Even rappers and producers continue to work with her despite the fact she thinks “black people steal shit” and are “whores who have sex for coke.” On many occasions, often on youtube video might I add does Paris share a little of her bigot wisdom and says something ignorant about Blacks, Jews, Japanese, you name it she’s said something offensive and down right racist yet still everyone is more concerned in throwing a party for her prison release. Why the double standard? Why the out right bullshit? I bet if all Paris fans saw every single video where Paris says some ignorant trash they’d still worship her like idiot lemmings.

~ by neorealist on July 2, 2007.

One Response to “Paris Hilton…”

  1. She starts saying the worse two and a half minutes into the video

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