You Know What It Is

What is up with T.I. and Wyclef’s video “You Know What It Is” ?!?! Last time I checked Wyclef is Haitian not Jamaican. It’s bad enough that in every movie involving Haitians the characters are given dreadlocks and Jamaican accents and speak broken creole but Wyclef was born in Haiti and should know better than some ignorant movie director! This video allegedly took place in Haiti but even the actors playing Haitians had a Jamaican accent. I know reggae and associated accents are hot right now but damn! Shame on Wyclef, Shame! Definitely lost a lot of respect. Hopefully the general public will call him out on this. Looks like the racism and profiling surrounding Haitians has got to the best of them.


~ by neorealist on June 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “You Know What It Is”

  1. LOL! This is too funny. I dont think I ever heard Wyclef talk like that. Whats up with that? Plus, what was the purpose of being in Haiti? Is Haiti the knew Brazil? Hip Hop seems to love that place. They coulda at least had some girls that looked Haitian represent.

  2. Well Wyclef is Haitian so the video being in Haiti is a no brainer especially when he’s an Ambassador..Hip Hop actually hasn’t shown that much love for Haiti..i.e. Clef’s need to sound Jamaican..”looked haitian”?!? there is no “look.” Half of the girls in the video could have been Haitian but because most are stuck on the stereotype that all Haitians must be extremely dark, wide nosed and ugly they get mistaken for other ethnicities

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