The Bitch In You

Bill Cosby strikes again! From the depths of sex allegations and Nick-at-Nite reruns appears the world’s favorite jello front man, Bill Cosby. He has executed yet another battle in his verbal armageddon against the Black community.

Bill Cosby has criticized the Black community on everything from lack of unity and family structure to his more recent agenda, Hip Hop. While many came together to commemorate Afeni Shakur on her 60th birthday Bill Cosby took the boorish approach and scorned the Black community for supporting both 2pac and Afeni Shakur.

Why might you ask?

Apparently Bill Cosby is under the impression that 2pac was a prolific drug dealer who used his “dirty money” to support Afeni financially. Cosby claims that Afeni is “crazy” for using his alleged drug wages. A more sane individual would recognize 2pac’s unprecedented sales before and after death and assume that the millions earned from music royalties funds Afeni’s lifestyle, not a short lived drug jaunt.

For someone so highly acclaimed it surprises most that Cosby would be oblivious to 2pac’s sale history and the fact that Afeni was a civil rights activist that currently spearheads the same issues in the Black community that Cosby does with foundations in her son’s name.

Sometimes I wonder if Bill Cosby just speaks to hear himself speak. When he is criticized he claims its “tough love” which is why it isn’t well received when really it’s his tone, hypocrisy and ill advisement that brings sour feedback.

So in the words of Michael Eric Dyson, “Is Bill Cosby Right?” …In the case of Afeni & 2pac, absolutely not.


~ by neorealist on February 25, 2007.

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