The Dumb Are Mostly Intrigued By The Drum

Vibe application questions cont’d..

5. What’s your biggest gripe about hip-hop today?

In the words of the Wu-Tang lyricist Masta Killa, “The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum.” A good chunk of the music being streamed over the radio lack the quality lyrical content Rap was once known for. While Rap veterans such as NaS and Common and new entrants to the game Kanye West and Papoose continue to uphold the original values of Hip Hop being skill, delivery and content, radio waves still remain heavily polluted by overly sexed, gimmick filled tracks. You know Hip Hop has gone astray when BET turns away videos by legendaries A Tribe Called Quest and the up coming Little Brother because their music is “too intelligent.” From the ground breaking flow of Rakim to the whispers, whistles and snaps of today’s chart hits Hip Hop has been steadily spirally downward bringing disappointment to true Hip Hop heads and eventual boredom to radio junkies.

~ by neorealist on May 10, 2006.

One Response to “The Dumb Are Mostly Intrigued By The Drum”

  1. I guess that means that hip hop is now very mainstream; it’s as dumb as white pop. Actually, it has had its dumb moments all along – for every “White Lines” there was a “Rapper’s Delight” – but at least “Rapper’s Delight” was entertaining.

    Thanks for your comment on Amerie, by the way.

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