Use Your Imagination

ok i’m posting this because I like that one thing I said about “deepness”..I was really being synnical but it ended up being subtitle worthy in my half honest opinion..

ITS NOT OKAY!!!!: Yea..Random ppl don needa b readin bout our personal fun time
ITS NOT OKAY!!!!: Bit too graphic..
me: graphic?
ITS NOT OKAY!!!!: mhm..deep..intense..etc etc
me: deep..i wish…that takes too much energy and imagination to do
ITS NOT OKAY!!!!: Wow even fo u?..damn u gettin old
me: lol what u mean even for me
ITS NOT OKAY!!!!: U used ta b a sexual godess in ur u strugglin wit ‘deep’..u slippin big time
me: i ain’t say strugglin its just “deep” is just bullshitted cliches and run on sentences
ITS NOT OKAY!!!!: ….Wow i take that back..mami’s still got it
me: lol nite wayne..i got work tomorrow and a howard trip to plan!

oh and I know what your that the ever so famous catchphrase from starved?!? why yes..and I prefer the term african american express..but naw it jus so happens to be his nickname on instant msgr.

oh and if yall haven’t noticed..every post title is either a song lyric or imfamous quote..ouu betcha can’t guess where they’re from hah! Sike naw they are all for the most part easy..going going gone.

~ by neorealist on April 23, 2006.

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