The Circle Of Life

Facilitator: ok we need a scene
Me: -director voice- Lion King..simba..father’s dying..make it happen
D: Mufasaaa!

Just realized that I failed to mention my Alternative Spring Break experience. In short I liked it..We did shit….Planted 500 veggies for the urban farm..volunteered at the Casa Nueva Vida and got beat by an 8 yr old in baloncesto! (pretend that’s upside down..oh oh and I visited a prison. How someone could keep sane knowing they were going to die in jail is beyond me. And for yall who are all for the death penalty..visit a prison, hear their story and then look them in the eye as if their life was worth less than your own. FYI: not all homeless ppl are drunk or on crack..and 50% have an fact 20-30% have a college degree..ouu what now you stereotypical next time don’t beat homeless men to death like that crazy dude in boston..ok that’s just sick.

Met a lot of koo people..none of which I have contact info for…-sigh-..butttt I did sign up to do more workshops and such so I will see some of them again..the rest I’ll stalk on facebook.

~ by neorealist on April 23, 2006.

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