Check My Adlib Uhh

Is it jus me or does everyone find it hard to belive that rappers who started young can’t possibly claim o.g. status or anything of that nature throughout their albums. Granted there is a substantial amount of people and possibly rappers(thats up to interpretation) that have or still do live that lifestyle, I doubt Bow Wow or Lil’Wayne really lived everything they claim. I remember reading in XXL like a yr ago in the sex issue that Lil’ Wayne lost his virginity when he was 13 to a prostitute in a hotel room when they were touring…oh yea thats pimp status..more like trick.. Lest you trying to say you were on the block at age 10 making waves, trust that you’re on some real bullshit.I just love how bow wow went from bounce to azimiz. Last I checked he’s been in the music industry from a very young age so where did you find time to earn your gangster status..cornyness purposely implied..between tours?!?

We all know that 85% of rappers lie about what they really do on the regular but some of them contradict their convictions so much that I’m surprised that heads have yet to take notice and call them out. Like how fifty says Ja Rule ain’t shit because all he does is sing love songs and following this statement drops five of his own love songs with just as many bad hooks and corny, misdirected lyrics and catch phrases…but I’ll leave that for another day.

And now for a Pharoahe Monch PSA:

How many niggas who actually kill still rhyming
How many niggas who are actually signed still killing
And when it comes to killin the mic they ain’t willin
And i’m supposed to be shook that’s the shit that kills me

~ by neorealist on April 23, 2006.

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