Jazzy Sensation

Ok this is my limited Jazz playlist. Due to lack of space a lot of my music got deleted and/or destroied in their journey to my external drive but in due time I will break out the CDs and reload them onto the computadora. I’m not demanding that you go buy the CDs or download the songs but I’m just strongly suggesting you take note because jazz is one of the best soulful relaxations a sista can get without physical interventions..and that doesn’t refer to the first thing to pop into your head when i say physical..but the second thing..yea you best know what I’m talking about. They are all soulfully dreamy and you practically float over Etta James and Duke Ellington. Remeber that song they always play during those classic Black love scenes like in Love Jones…yup that one. In a Sentimental Mood is timeless for a reason. Also don’t pursue the songs in any particular order because their playlist order switches from day to day depending on my mood or whether I leave one on repeat. If only play count were calculated from the ipod itself rather than what’s played only on the computer because then you’d get an accurate depiction of what I feel is the essence music wise but until then…

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~ by neorealist on April 22, 2006.

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