The Rape Over

I have a personal grievance with mainstream america por lo general but in terms of music I am particularly irritated. The radio plays the same five bad songs in heavy rotation day after day all because the industry pays them off to do so. Theres no such thing as vote in or request your favorite song. If it ain’t on the playlist its not getting played. I boycott BET because it stated that they wouldn’t play Little Brother’s material because it was “too intelligent” for its viewers. Too Damn Intelligent?!?..Are you kidding me? and they went even further to ban artists like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul because they felt it wasn’t relevant to its viewers..13-19 year old Black females…wow what is the world coming too. The sad thing is the majority of that focus group couldn’t give two squirts o piss bout them or even know who they are. Why we must idolize gun toting fools who run around romanticizing BLack life is beyond me. Last time I checked rap started out as self expression with a purpose for black its just a minstrel show for subruban youth.

And its not like the lying gimmick exploiting dumbasses have skill. It would be one thing if you used metaphors and styles so skilled and unique that I neglected their content for its poetic ability. They suck.point.blank.period. The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum..a beat makes a song..not an artist. Let me tell you if I reviewed albums I’d have two seperate would be for the lyrical ability/flow of the artist and the other would be for the production. Producers dont get half the credit they deserve. Songs make money because of their beat these days yet its the artist who gets the fame. I say two seperate ratings and the thrid would be the average of the two. Don’t get me wrong you could be the best lyricist but if your beats are so-so, no one will give you the time of day. Its up to the producers and the artists to partner up with the best of the best to get the highest rating average. If all goes well music will be taken to the next level through a neograssroots movement.

stop, look and listen:
The Rape Over – Mos Def

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~ by neorealist on April 21, 2006.

5 Responses to “The Rape Over”

  1. test

  2. word. i’m intrigued by the drum but i ain’t dumb. i hear what you’re sayin though man. i feel like there is some awesome shit going on underground that is going to supplant the mainstream bullshit… thanks in large part to the internet and people like you and me out there talking about the stuff we’re into & feeling. have you checked out kweli’s blog?

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