Ego Trippin

Guess I can’t go to the kanye concert at UMASS this wednesday. Apparently the venue is up to capitcity. Kanye’s ego is so big that the venue can only hold up to 3 people including security and comply with fire department regulations so all sold tickets will be reimbursed indefintely. Que lastima…someone should tell him that those with ghostwriters aren’t allowed to be full of themselves..or it .

ok ok I got that off my chest but on the real i love kanye..when his album leaked and BET got permission to stream it on their site I listened to it non stop. He brought good content and context as well as beats however, I keep getting the strange feeling that the fame has gone to his head. He honestly feels that his album was the best of the year, granted most artists feel that way about their own work, as they should, but did he really feel that he out did Common’s album? They both are considerably good artists with distinct personalities but I feel Kanye lost some of his hunger for the game because he felt like he owned it. I mean I remember when Kanye was rated by fellow artists and producers including Common, they mentioned that he just sticks with what works rather than going to that other level. Just seeing where his creativity can take him rather than just doing what works. ex: kanye just samples for the most part and doesn’t go crate digging because he thinks if it ain’t broke don’t fix it even though diversity and unpredictability would be a nice side to see out of Kanye. Hopefully he’ll become more grounded but at this moment in time he’s too full of himself. Oh and as a side note, I still think Common’s Like Water For Chocolate was his best, well maybe not his best but my personal favorite..electric..ressurection etc yea they were good but Like water was grrreat.

~ by neorealist on April 18, 2006.

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